Thursday, April 17, 2014

Overcoming Inertia

    It has been a while since I posted an entry.  Last week was Spring Break and I also took that time off to wrangle the family and enjoy the excellent weather.  After a long rainy Winter in the North West, the sunny days are pretty hard to resist.  It seems like everyone is out on the trails or working in the yard to soak up that sunshine.  I am as guilty as my kids in looking forward to having a week off from work and getting to enjoy the change.  I could have squeezed in a blog post during all this time off, but I didn't.   It was a pretty good week despite this avoidance of my duties.
    "Yeah, but what about the week before that?", asked the Crow.  I was busy working on the tower defense game, but could have freed up some time to post.  No excuse, but I had been hitting some pretty good internal goals and just wanted to keep plugging away.   Mainly, it was just putting off the posting until I had one more thing done.  After a few days, the inertia began to build up in my brain. Inertia is not really the correct term, but procrastination just does not quite describe the building resistance to posting.  I guess I get a bit of guilt and allow that to push my thoughts to things other than posting, mainly to avoid performing the "mea culpa" that I am doing right now in the post.  My reluctance to admit that I lowered the blogs priority in my schedule.
    The funny thing about taking time off from work is the feeling that you are missing something, especially as the days off increase.  Since I work out of the house, it is easy to run in and tinker with the code or create a new 3D model for future use.  I managed to not do a lot of this, but the anxiety to get some more goals accomplished really started to build up.  Habits and your conscience can be pretty good motivators.  I don't think I could every really just stop working,  I need something to keep the old brain from getting bored.  Work scratches that itch and I can't think of a hobby that can fill this need other than working with computers.  Such is the life of a programmer.

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