Thursday, September 12, 2013

30 Days to Build an App.

Hi, I am Ben Bruhl and the App developer for, our small app development company.  My wife, Rebecca, and I have decided to try out creating a blog to record our latest company experiment.  We came up with the idea of creating an iPhone/iPad App and getting it submitted within 30 days.
Yes, beers were involved in the initial decision to document this, but Rebecca pointed out that it is a new way to get some publicity.   I think it would also be interesting to detail all the different decisions and work that goes into creating a simple App.   Rebecca thought it would be more interesting if I did not 'Geek out' and let her do some of the blogging so everyone can relate to the effort more.  That sounds good too.  :)  This means it will be more of a high level blog and not dig into the geeky details of programming an iPhone App.
So what we are planning is to create an App from the initial idea to the finished product and submit that app for approval within 30 days.  Given that most of our Apps have taken a bit longer to create, the timeline will be a nice challenge.  It also means the App will be a simpler one than our existing Apps like Family Bank or Letter Rain.

- Ben

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