Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Rebecca: Approved

ScoreGenie was approved today.  Congratulations to Ben for writing an app in 30 days.  Like Ben, I enjoyed the blogging.  It is cathartic to express your challenges and your frustrations.  I also like putting in writing, in public what I need to accomplish.  While I have not received any angry feedback about my lack of progress on marketing initiatives, I know that my commitments are in the public space.

I will continue to blog about my musings, thoughts, and actions on Zenerdgy.  I also want to blog about how we use the Zenerdgy apps.  Ben is creating the apps for public consumption, but all of the apps have been driven by a family/friend need.  The apps are meant to be family friendly; and ultimately, I want Ben to feel proud of what he has created.

Thanks for taking time to read our musings.  We welcome comments, and we hope you continue the journey with us.

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