Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Score Genie on Day 30

Well we named the App "Score Genie".   I orginally had all kinds of thoughts about having magic type effects as you recorded and viewed scores, but it just was not in the cards.  Perhaps a later version or the upgrade packs will have these type of features.  For now, I am just glad the App performs well and is simple to use.

Today was the last day of the challenge.  Since I submitted the App yesterday, today was mainly clean up.  I added any known bugs, tasks, and future design goals into my issue database program (You Track).  I also updated my design notes and generally put this App away for the time being.  I imagine I will be opening it up next month or two to add some upgrade packs.  For now, I am very glad to have the App submitted.  I can finally get my weekends back and most of my evenings, which is nice too.

I imagine Rebecca and I will continue to blog on the company, since we both find it kind of cathartic to document the challenges and other work we perform.  Since this was our first blog, it was fun to jump-start the process using the 30 day challenge.  It turns out we kind of like blogging too.

Would I do this again?  Maybe.  It makes for a very busy month, but it also really feeds the Geek part of me that gets to do so much coding in a compressed timeframe.  I also admit the thought of cranking out Apps every 30 days would be an exciting boost to the Zenerdgy App portfolio.  For now, it is just comforting to know that we can put out an good App this fast.  It will probably help for future project planning.

For those people who actually followed this blog, thank you for your time and attention.  I hope it was at least mildly entertaining.  I imagine that I will poll my friends and family to see what they like or disliked about the blog.   I am sure we can improve on the Musings.

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