Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Mid-Winter Break

    Personal Note - This week is the kids week off for "Mid-Winter" break.  It is not Spring Break.  They still get this time off too.  I swear we did not have so many vacation days when I went to school, but it could just be rosy memories.  It is good to be a kid now a days, but can be hard for working parents to handle the kids at home.   We have the benefit of me being here during the day, but it certainly crimps my style when I want to program.  On the other hand, the kids will never be this age again.  I should embrace the week and enjoy the extra time with my family.  Even better, I get some extra company on the daily dog walks.
    So not much will be accomplished for the company this week, but I am going to try and steal an hour or so daily to experiment with Blender (3D) and Sprite Kit (Game Building).  I just need to pick smaller tasks that can be finished in a partial day.  Otherwise, I will just jot down ideas and thoughts in my notebook to be pursued next week when I have more consistent time to follow up.
    So it is a weird week for programming, but a break in work should be cherished, not despised.   I choose to embrace the weird and enjoy this week with the family.
   You will get your time, Computer.  You just have to wait a bit.

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