Sunday, June 8, 2014

Rebecca: A great week

Wowzer! May was a hectic month.  I was out of town more than usual, and we (the family) had a lot happening.  Throw in a visit with the grandparents, a bout of the stomach virus, and a birthday party with adolescent girls, and one begins to wander if life will ever be "normal."

Thankfully, June started wonderfully.  This past week, I did not have any early mornings or late evenings for work.  It was a productive week with no crises demanding immediate attention.

This week, the family shared several dinners at the kitchen table (you know, the piece of furniture covered with mail, homework, permission slips, and take-out menus).  We shared what happened during the day; and the kiddos dreamed about summer vacation, which starts on June 19th.

I even had an evening when I released my inner carnie.  My son's school held its annual carnival, and I operated one of the games.  It was so so fun!  I loved encouraging the children, big and small, to knock the runners off my "Bases Loaded" game.

Finally, we had sun in Seattle.  It seems that we wait patiently and hopefully for sun...usually the sun arrives after 4th of July.  Having grown up in VA, I struggle mentally with the the cool, rainy Washington Springs.  This year, I have no complaints.  We just had 5+ days of over 70.

I am ashamed to admit...but on most Sunday evenings, I am grumpy about the start of the work week.     I usually feel guilt for not working on Zenerdgy, for the household chores that did not get finished, and for not enjoying my family time.  It starts an endless cycle of "woe is me".  Today, I am thankful for a great week, thankful for the beautiful Seattle sunshine, thankful to spend a no-agenda day with the family at the park, and thankful that most of the laundry is washed, folded, and put away (that never happens).  Tomorrow, I will worry about Monday.  For the few remaining hours in Sunday, I will bask in the glow!

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