Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Rebecca: Potential employee??

A few weeks ago, our 9 year old son asked me about jobs.  He wondered if his future job would pay enough for a house and a car.  How much money did he need to earn to make a living?  I responded that he should find a career that he enjoys.  I explained that if he worked hard and liked his job, then he would probably earn enough to pay his bills.  I know my advice was not necessarily sound, but he did seem relieved.  He ended the conversation by asking if he may work with his Dad.  He declared he liked games and wanted to create games with his Dad.  How sweet?  A future employee for Zenerdgy.

Not long after this career conversation, my son asked about college.  During dinner, our son began quizzing us about how college worked, how many years did it take to pass, and what happens if you do not pass the first time.  Ben and I tried to explain that college was different from elementary or high school - varying schedules, credits for courses, and graduating once you meet credit requirements.  He seemed bewildered about the college credits and confused about how you ultimately pass or fail college.  After several minutes of deep contemplation, he declared that his sister would graduate college on her first try, but he would need 2-3 tries before he passed.  I was not sure if I should laugh or cry.  He was so serious when he made the declaration and so sure that he would need multiple attempts to finish college.  I ended the conversation by stating that he need not worry about college today and that he would finish on his first try.

Ben and I decided that our 9 year son has indirectly informed us that he will live with us forever.   He has mentioned that he will live at home during college.  If he does take 2-3 attempts to graduate, then he will still live at home well into his 20s.  Naively, I have already guaranteed future employment at Zenerdgy (please keep in mind Zenerdgy has NO budget for salaries).  Since I advised my son to find a job he likes and not to worry about the money, I think he has decided to work for Zenerdgy from home, OUR HOME.  I hope that Ben is able to leave a legacy through Zenerdgy, but I REALLY hope that legacy does not still live in our basement.

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