Tuesday, January 14, 2014

New Year Resolutions

    Well 2013 ended with a whimper and so did my blog writing.  The holiday season was a busy one and I did not give Zenerdgy the time it deserved.   I worked on the apps and even pushed out updates to Letter Rain and Family Bank, but also could have put more time into the design of our future products.  I could find lots of reasons, but I simply feel that the holiday season, especially the last 2 weeks of December, are not working days.   Heck, even the Boeing company pretty much shuts down for the last 2 weeks of the year.  Granted, that was a union contract negotiation point, but I have to imagine that the management was not too upset about those days off either.


    So, we are now in 2014 and we are motivated to keep growing our fledgling company into a bigger presence in the app development world.  Rebecca and I have gone over our company goals and set new ones for the new year.  One of those resolutions was to blog more.  It is funny that when I first floated the blog idea, Rebecca was not really paying attention.  During the 30 day challenge she was already very busy, but took time out to add blog entries.  Now she is blogging on a weekly basis and I think she is enjoying the experience.  She even made a resolution to blog more this year.  I was glad to hear that.  I admit that her entries are my favorite part of this blog.

    I am also going to increase my blogging, but am struggling on what to write about.  I am normally pretty reserved and not real thrilled to put all the current project ideas out on the internet before the product is created.  In my mind, as soon the idea or project name is published it will be snatched up and produced before I can get our product delivered.   In reality, this is pretty silly.  First, you would need a lot of interested people reading your blog with the intent to steal ideas and commit resources to creating those ideas.   Yeah, that is could happen...
    If you ever have sat in a room with some people and tell them you build programs for a living, you will find that everyone has a few ideas that could be the next big thing.  The only thing stopping them from becoming the next Bill Gates, is that they are missing some programming skills and a good artist or two.   The truth is, that there are lots of ideas out there, but turning the idea into an actual working application takes a lot of time and dedication.  The programming and design skills also are useful.  (I am still struggling with the artistic requirements of our company.)
    So my paranoia about losing a product to some competitor is pretty ridiculous, but as the old saying goes, "It doesn't mean that no one is watching me."  Especially when it comes to naming the product or describing the design in detail.  I am lucky to have Rebecca to point out the many things that I bounce off her during the day as blogging subjects.   So that is where I will concentrate my blog entries.  Rebecca will blog about life and I will continue blog about turning ideas into products.

Once again, Rebecca is right.  It has become a disturbing trend....

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