Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Rebecca: Watching Grass Grow

As readers of the blog know, Ben has been learning about 3D drawing.  Ben is very excited about the tools that help non-artists create 3D structures and animations.

When I get home, we have show and tell time.  He started with a gingerbread man that strutted like John Travolta in Saturday Night Live.  I think the strut is unintentional, but Ben sold it as "cool" animation that still needs a little work.  I have seen the slow progression of a room...with a table...with a chair...with a window...and finally, shadows.  He has made land maps that require isometric manipulation.  I cannot explain isometric, but I know the land looks funny without it.  Over the last 2 or so weeks, he has proudly shown me cannons, towers, roads, dirt, and grass.

I took for granted the cute, simple graphics in mobile app games. The graphics are not simple. And animations still need to follow the law of physics.  While listening to Ben's show and tell may feel like watching grass grow, I am impressed by what he has learned and what he has created.  The large games have a team of developers and a team of designers.  Because I am still stuck on isometric and shadows, Ben is doing this all on his own!

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