Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Rebecca: Half of a Century

Ben just turned 50.  He is not vain, and I do not think he will mind that I publicly announced that he is a half-century old.  Wow, it seems old when you think about it in terms of centuries (he might mind that snarky remark).

Since one does not reach such momentous milestones everyday, I wanted to do something special.  I do not enjoy planning big bashes, so I removed a birthday bash from the “ways to celebrate” list.  Because of school and work schedules, I also removed a fabulous vacation to Hawaii or the Caribbean or some other exotic locale.  Note: Ben may be upset when he reads this post and thinks that the birthday bash and the exotic vacation were considered and nixed.

With few ideas and, honestly, a limited budget, Ben suggested a weekend in the city.  My mother-in-law, an awesome and amazing Nonna, agreed to watch the children.  I started the process (and it is a process to coordinate the family calendar with my work calendar with my MIL’s “enjoying retirement” calendar) of booking a weekend in the city.  Since we could not manage a weekend getaway, Ben and I settled for ONE night away…3 weeks after his birthday.  

Fortunately for the Bears Varsity Football team (not so fortunate for Ben), they had a great season, and they are going to championships (along with our daughter’s Varsity cheer squad).  The ONE romantic birthday night in the city no longer worked.  Ben threw up his hands and said forget about it…meaning his 50th birthday.

I was in quite a dilemma.  Ben is a great husband and a wonderful father.  He is working hard to make Zenerdgy work, and he is keeping the home fires burning.  What to do to make his 50th special…to make it memorable?

As readers of the blog know, Ben is a Spurs FANATIC.  He is an obnoxious fan that talks about the San Antonio Spurs through all the seasons.  He watches the draft and trades, he analyzes the pre-season, and he watches every game (some 2 or 3 times).  Thankfully, he provides the family with daily Spur updates. I learned one of Ben’s favorite players, David Robinson, turned 50 this year, and the “Admiral” wore #50 jersey. 

What better way to celebrate Ben’s 50th?  My special guy, who deserves a birthday bash and an exotic holiday and a night in the city, got an autographed David Robinson picture and a #50 David Robinson shirt.  Ben, we love you and hope you make it to the full century. 

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