Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Rebecca: School, Activities, Schedules…Savings?

We are full swing into the 2015-16 school year, fall activities, and a packed schedule.  Long gone are the lazy days of summer, which honestly, are lazy only for the two kids in our lives.  With school and activities, the Bruhl household hums with activity from the crack of dawn until the moon has risen.  Ben and I strive to keep the schedule manageable; but every fall, we are bombarded by PTA meetings, football games, cheer practices, sparring classes, music lessons…

Ben and I feel very blessed to have healthy, active children, BUT (yes there is a BUT) the start of school strains our time and financial resources.  Since Ben works for himself, it allows us the flexibility to juggle this packed schedule.   On the down side, there is no guaranteed paycheck, and he does not get paid when taxiing adolescents all over town.  Knowing that Zenerdgy is not a guaranteed paycheck (like a corporate gig), we try to anticipate the extra expenses of September.  I am pretty good at budgeting for school clothes and supplies, but I was unprepared for the “nickel and dime” fees: $15 for PTA membership (times 2 because the kiddos go to different schools), $30 activity card (still not sure what the card covers), $15 choir shirt, $40 new TKD uniform, and on it goes.  Do not try to save money in September.   Prepare for the expected expenses and add a little to the budget for the unexpected ones. 

September is a great time for getting back on to a schedule.  It is much needed time for Ben to work uninterrupted for more than 4 hours (kids and I are out of the house).  It is a wonderful time to enjoy football games in the fall sunshine.  It is an ideal time to listen to an audiobook (entertainment while driving around town).  Just try not to sweat the bank account. 

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