Thursday, November 5, 2015

Moonlighting on the Job

  After Rebecca's latest blog entry, I felt I should respond.  She is right on so many things, including our inability to finish up this latest project.  The normal excuses apply: the Summer with the kids did not help, and it has only really been about 9 months since we started this project, but truthfully, it just needs a bit more concentrated time from me.  I am planning to release the new game this month, but we still have a few items to complete.  (Things like sound selection, improving our word lists, User settings, etc...)  Still doable for this month.

  So whats the problem?

  I started tinkering with Apples latest programming language, Swift, again.  Apple releases updates to its development tools every year and this usually brings a lot of good features that everyone would like to try out.  (Ok, everyone who programs Apple devices.)  As the current project has stumbled, I have found myself drifting over to the new language to try out new concepts for later Apps and games.  Not long, usually in the evenings, but I do keep picking up the new Swift project and tinkering.  Probably to alleviate the frustration with the latest bug or roadblock in the real project.
  No pressure.  See if that concept works.  Get excited about the possibilities and wonder what else can the new stuff do?

  I am Moonlighting on my regular Zenerdgy job.

  In the IT world we need to stay at least current on our existing job's technology.  Hopefully, we keep an eye on the possible future developments that will affect our job too.  Study all the time, but don't let it get in the way of your current job.  Its a balance.  A balance that I need to tip in the current App's favor.
  Lately the work has really picked up. (Aside from me breaking my project for about 1.5 weeks.)  I like to think Rebecca getting us back to blogging helped.  Reading or writing the blog helps me to refocus on my regular job.

  The moonlight job will have to wait.

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