Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Rebecca: Health Benefits

When Ben decided to start his own venture, I knew our mental health would improve.  The stress of balancing our home life with our careers was taking a toll…a toll on our contentment as well as the happiness of our family.

The unexpected benefit is the improvement in our physical health.  About 4 years ago, Ben’s doctor told him he had high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and abnormal liver enzymes.  He had gained about 15 pounds above his ideal weight, and he felt out of shape. 

While he was still working at his corporate gig, he started running with an office colleague.  She got Ben started on a much needed exercise regimen (Thank you Aimee for kick starting the physical activity and for the Score Genie idea).  Since Ben started Zenerdgy, he has the time and flexibility to exercise 5-6 times/week.

Because Ben cares for the kids before and after school and handles many of the household duties, I have extra time to exercise.  Like most moms, I still carry the baby weight of two pregnancies. (Yes, both kids are older than 10, but I still call the extra weight “baby weight”.  It is easier to admit.)  The more consistent exercise helps my weight, reduces my stress, and improves my attitude.

To keep us both motivated, we compete.  We compete on who exercises the most in a month, who eats the healthiest, and who resists the most temptations (sweets, fatty foods, wine, and yes, beer). 

At Ben’s most recent yearly physical, Ben’s doctor shared that his cholesterol is normal and does not require medication.  Ben does take blood pressure medication, but his BP is great.  And it is the only medication he takes.  His liver enzymes have also normalized, and he has lost about 20 pounds. 

As for me, I still have some of the baby weight; but I feel great.  I love the friendly competition with Ben, and I love that we feel healthy.  When we play with the kiddos, they have to keep up with us. 

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