Monday, November 23, 2015

The Fun Part of Development

Particle Effect Trail
  We are putting some of the final touches on our latest game and it is very satisfying to add in each of the final pieces.   The pages are pretty locked down so all we have left is help dialogs, final game sounds, animation effects for playing/winning the game, and some User settings for the eventual upgrades, etc.
  The nice thing about these finishing touches is that the infrastructure is in place and it is much easier to tweak a special effect, color or sound to show the overall effect to any potential testers.  Everyone wants to see how it would look as implemented, despite how well I draw or describe the desired change.  I have even taken the step of building a page just for tweaking the various colors and styles without having to open the code and rebuild.  I just changes some settings on the Option screen and run it by the family to see their reaction to the visual changes shown in the game.   Gather feedback, examine the possibilities, tweak the options again and repeat.  Much easier when you have the change possibilities baked right into the App.
   The goal is to complete the game this month, but I would have liked to finish it this week.  It is not going to happen this week, but with the Thanksgiving holidays coming up, it will be a good time to get some final feedback from my extended family.  Hopefully, this will determine the final product changes next week.   Until then I get to use this half-week to add in extra animations, sounds and potential effects.   Hopefully, these changes will make the 'cut', but we shall see.
    Until then, it is always fun to play with sounds and animation!

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