Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Rebecca: Alarm failure

This morning, I had the rare experience of waking up before the alarm.  It was nice and toasty under the covers, so I thought I will lay here and wait for the alarm.  After a little more dozing, I finally thought about checking the clock.  PANIC.  I overslept.  I did not wake up before the alarm because the alarm failed to sound (the power drained on my electronic device that also acts as my alarm).  I immediately went from cozy and comfortable to panicked and harried.  I needed to get me and the kids out the door in under an hour.  We made it, with a lot of help from Ben.

Currently, I am living like I am in cozy, comfortable hideaway without a care in the world.  Ben finished his 30 day project, and he fixed the major bugs in Family Bank.  I am wrapping up 2013 for my job.  Even though I always have projects, emails, meetings, and unfinished business for my job, I have fallen victim to the holiday lull.

The reality is...we have stuff to do.  While Ben and I have a lull in the busyness, we need to map out our business plan for 2014.  What is Ben's software/app goal for 2014, what am I going to do for the business in 2014 (see New Years' resolutions post), what are our revenue targets, what went well in 2013, and what do we need to adjust for 2014?

For my corporate job, I need to re-energize.  What will I do in 2014 to become better?  What processes helped my productivity in 2013 and what got in the way?  What do I want from my career?  What changes do I need to make?

Ben and I also need to balance our professional aspirations with our personal and family dreams.  Are we out of balance with the family?  How should we invest in our family, our children, our parents, and our cherished relatives?  Do our professional goals helps us meet our family goals?  Personally, what do we want to accomplish in 2014, in 2019, and beyond?

It is so easy to doze, but life will wake you up.  I want to be ready...but just one more hour.

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