Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Rebecca: Charity

Our children receive a weekly allowance.  From this allowance, they put $1 into savings and $1 into charity. Using Family Bank, I am able to track their contributions throughout the year.  The kids are able to donate at any time of year and to just about any charity. Not only am I able to track their charitable contributions, I am also able to record to what organization that they donated.  Over the years, the kids have supported organizations like the following:
local animal shelter -
Toys for Tots -
Vine Maple Place -
The Bridge -
World Wildlife Federation -

For me, it is important that our children learn the importance of giving.  Firstly, we are blessed with way more stuff than we need.  There is a world and a community full of people that need basic things like water, food, shelter, and clothing.  We are our brother’s keeper, and we should spread our blessings.  Secondly, there are many organizations that rely on charitable donations for their mission.  If you enjoy the opera, support it.  If you want to save the turtles, contribute to make it possible.  If you love the national forests, donate for their upkeep.  Finally, as a contributor, you are becoming part of your community, part of your world.  It is so easy to get lost in your own little world.  For my family, charity causes us to reflect on our bigger community.  What are the problems facing our local community, our nation, and our world?  Instead of just worrying about it, charity gives us an opportunity to help solve the problems.  It allows us “to put our money where our mouth is.”

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