Monday, December 2, 2013

The Holiday Season AKA Crunch Time

First of all, I have to be thankful for a wonderful Thanksgiving.  We had the traditional dinner with family and friends, which was great!  Only later in the evening did we realize we forgot the cranberry sauce.  For those of you that don't like 'the Sauce', no biggie.  For myself, I think it completes the turkey dinner and it did with the next day leftovers.   We hosted the festivities this year which means we have the lion share of the leftovers.

Tis the season for getting those last minute items put into your App and published before the Holiday season.  When developers submit Apps to Apple, you use the iConnect site.  For the last few years, Apple has enacted a policy that limits your submissions to before Christmas or after the New Year.  It is a good policy, as I am sure they are swamped with new or upgraded Apps for the holidays.  I like the idea that people get the holidays to just enjoy family and friends.  Put the code aside, it will still be there next year.  Waiting.
What this really means is that if you are submitting changes to Apple in December, get it done and submitted well before Christmas.  I am assuming that the 15th is the last day for submitting anything that I want available on Christmas day.  2 weeks of crunch time to plan and update the lucky Apps that need updates.   I haven't decided which Apps will get the attention yet, but will have to split my development time with a bit of Christmas shopping.   Tis the season.
In hind site, I should have done the shopping on October.  What the heck was I doing that month?

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