Thursday, December 5, 2013

Rebecca: A beautiful game

One of my favorite games at iFest Seattle was Buddy and Me by Sunbreak Games (  The game has amazing graphics and a wonderful story.  I was able to pick-up the iPad and play.  (In our household, I am the most tech inept.  My kids are light years ahead of me.  They get frustrated because I am never able to help them in Minecraft.  I purposely keep it this way.)

As I mentioned, the graphics are great.  The artist creates a world that is straight out of the fantastical dreams of children.  As a mom, I love that game is graphically rich AND does not involve blood and gore.

Sunbreak Games is a small team.  If I recall correctly, the team is less than 10 people.  The company has 1 very talented artist and 1 very overworked developer.  I know that there are other folks that invested a lot blood, sweat, and tears into this project.  While it may feel like corporate America dominates our lives, there are a lot of independent people creating wonderful products.  Kudos to Sunbreak and the many other entrepreneurs that remain the backbone of America.  It is a lot risk to go it alone or with just a few close colleagues, and Sunbreak should be proud of their accomplishments.  With great graphics, a solid story, and excellent playability,  Buddy and Me is a great app for all ages.

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