Sunday, December 1, 2013

Rebecca: Time to Pause

After Ben completed the Thirty Day App, I was intending to take a short break from the blog.  It was not meant to be a whole month.  Without Ben bugging about the blog, I added other things to the “to do” list.  Zenerdgy fell to the bottom.  For me, I never get to the bottom of the “to do” list.

I did start to feel a little guilty about shrugging my responsibilities, but Ben decided to host his family for Thanksgiving.  I had a great excuse for neglecting Zenerdgy. For the weekend, we had 2 additional families staying with us.  Six adults and eight kids (under 11) all stayed in our home.  In case you’re wondering, it was hectic. It was loud.  There were tears and tantrums and fights. 

We also had laughter, hugs, smiles, huge family dinners, and love.  Because of Ben’s decision to start his own business, we had the time and energy to host Thanksgiving.  Finishing an app in 30 days (October) was brutal for Ben, but he was able to choose to spend November with family and friends.  Our lives are different since Ben started Zenerdgy, and I love it. 

During my time of pause, I was reminded of my priorities.  Zenerdgy cannot always fall to the bottom.  More importantly, I am so thankful for Faith, Ben, our family, and the amazing rollercoaster of life. 

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