Sunday, October 6, 2013

Rebecca - A Perfect Weekend

After a week long work trip, I awoke tired on Friday, but I still had a baby shower to host.  I spent Friday preparing the food and activities for the baby shower, and a friend and I hosted a fun event on Friday evening.  It really was nice to connect with some old friends, and I loved celebrating the new life still growing inside one of my dear friends.

Saturday was a sunny day in the Pacific Northwest.  The rain has started in Seattle, and I appreciated the reprieve from the rain.  Instead of watching Little League Football and my daughter cheering in a downpour, I enjoyed the warmth of a sun that will make few appearances during our grey Northwest winters.  What really made Saturday perfect - A NAP.

I was a little more productive today.  After church, the family went on a bike ride and run.  Ben and I ran while the kids rode bikes.  It was wonderful.  I got some of the laundry done, the children finished their homework, and we had a family meal of tacos - everyone's favorite.

There is always work to do.  I know Ben wanted to get more done on his app, and I know he wanted more input from me...but this was a rare sunny weekend.  Sometimes, you have to let go of the schedule.  It will still be there on Monday.  The Pacific Northwest sun becomes a rare sight in Fall and Winter.  You have to take advantage!

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