Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I Broke It.

It was a productive day, for a programmer.  This means I was able to fine tune and add some new functionality to the App.  Unfortunately, this was also the reason it is currently broke.   I wanted to support different ways of showing a players recorded scores.  In this case, a "Tally" system and a "Cross-Out" version.  I changed some of the scoring display logic and now the scores for the game are not displaying correctly anymore.  Kind of the basic function of this App, so thats a problem.  Silly issue, but it was where I was at when dinner started.  I just never got back to the project until now.  Once I get this fixed, the App will support more ways of displaying and handling game scoring.

-- Geek Side Note --

I also started to fill out the pages for distribution of the App using the iTunes Connect web site.  It never hurts to start getting this information gathered, like keywords (only a 100 characters), description of your App that will make the whole world crave your App (try to keep it to a paragraph), and pictures that describe the App (5 of them will be fine.)  Every time I do this process, there seem to be a few more steps or lessons to learn.   That said, the development system for building and distributing App has really improved over the years.  Apple has put in a lot of work to create this ecosystem and it shows.  

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