Friday, October 25, 2013

Thats Not Where I Left My Font!

    Nothing Earth-shaking was done today.  I did some more clean up of the code and bug fixes.  I added the 'splash' screens on App startup for all the different device resolutions.  I also updated the Text color and sizes to be saved between sessions.  This means the last text size and color you were using will still be chosen when you come back to the app.  So, "Yes, this is where you left your font…"  Now the app pretty much goes right back to where you were when you left it.  Worse case, the previous game will be available in the History tab with all the latest scores and changes.

  I also added some smaller updates like showing the App version in the About screen and using a layered image approach to build the Scoring type icons and images.  The means I merge a scoring type image with transparent sections on top of a background page image.  This is done on the fly and saves me a lot of preconfigured icon image creation.

    I merged all the changes back into the 'trunk' and then promptly made another branch for a 'pinch to zoom' experiment I want to try.  I would like to give the user the ability to get a overview of the scoring pad by pinching or stretching the screen.  If I can get it work without messing with the existing score layout, then it will be a nice addition.  If not, the App can live without it for first release.  I am giving myself until Sunday to get this branch working.

    Sunday is also the day for submitting the App to iTunes Connect.  Hopefully, I will have all the descriptions and help page information ironed out by them.  Actually, that is Sunday Guy's problem, because tonight, Friday Guy is going to enjoy a beer and a movie.

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