Saturday, October 5, 2013

iPhone Version Beta

- Initial Side Note - Today was a sunny Saturday so I worked in the yard a bit.  This is so as to not anger the Seattle Rain gods.  They are not forgiving and will drop a shower on a whim.

I did find time to work on the design of the iPhone version of the front end.  Since I cannot always be on the computer, I use a combination of tools on my iPad for design work or research.  Today I used App Cooker to work on the screen navigation design.  This is a nice product and has the ability to 'play' the scenes out, which is great for demoing an App idea to people.    I also use the popular Grafio product for some of the object design.  Grafio is like Visio but more in tune with a touch screen.

Anyway, I decided to host a Collection View for the main screen.  I will show sample images of the possible types of scoring systems the App supports.  This will allow some more options in the future and gives the screen a friendly access.   I started adding this concept to the project and hope to have a prototype working by Monday for an early demo.  We will see.

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