Sunday, October 6, 2013

I Discover Subheadings and Take a Day

    Pretty skimpy on the work today.  As Rebecca has mentioned, we did more to enjoy the sun today than work on the App.  It was worth it.  Spending quality time with the family is one of the main perks of my career now, so I have to take advantage on a Sunny Seattle weekend in October.
    I am still tinkering with the main iPhone screen to navigate to the Score screens.  I am planning different styles of scoring depending on the game or user preference.   Tomorrow will be a busy day of catch up to my schedule.

- Geek Side Note - 

Tomorrow's tasks.  I am going to try and get the basic Core Data unit tests running, then work out the special effects for the tabular scoring screen.  I am hoping to add a chalk dust effect for new entries, but it will probably have to be a fade effect for now.  If I can get the Main page navigation working, the score screen showing basic functionality, and the Core Data unit tests, it will be a good day.

Thanks to Rebecca's post, I discovered that a subheading makes the post look nicer.

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