Thursday, October 24, 2013

Collections and Selections

    Today was not an exciting one, but a few bugs and layout quirks were worked out on the App.  I was able to clean up the various Scoring Type and Text Color selections.  Both of these options use Collection Views, which are a fine way of showing a bunch of boxes in a flow layout.  It handles resizing and keeps a pretty good layout look.  Kind of like tables, but instead of just vertical item growth, it goes horizontal too.  They are pretty easy to create, but I still managed to kill a lot of time trying to get the selection of a box to show correctly.  I already had them working, you could select items and they did their actions, but I wanted a simple highlight box around the box to show it was selected.  Three hours later, I finally stumbled across the correct code combination that worked with my layout and storyboards.  Pretty silly and a grand waste of time for such a small item, but I did need the knowledge and the screens look better.  Another lesson learned.
   So the App is in good shape.  I have to work up a splash screen and possibly some other feature, but I think it is ready for the family to bang on it.   My revised schedule is a release on Sunday, Oct 27. This is 3 days early for the 30 day project, but the submission process could have a few snarls.  Better early in this case.  I hope.

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