Monday, October 21, 2013

Day 21 of 31

First of all, thank goodness that there are 31 days in October.  I would have hated to try this on a short month like 28 days of February, non-leap year of course.  Since I committed to the App being finished in 30 days, technically the 31st day does not count.  In spite of this, I am happy for the perception of an extra day.

So, the App now has a tab system set up and I began to add in the new Info Tab, where the general application information, help, and contact data will display.  It will be a paging type navigation similar to how I implemented Help in Letter Rain.  In the future, this will also be the area where the possible upgrade packs will be accessed.   I will need to fill in the Info/About pages tomorrow along with the scrolling side to side navigation.  Fun stuff.

I am still hoping to submit the final version of the App on Friday.  In order to do this, I think the week will break down as follows:
Tuesday - Get the Info pages done.
Wednesday - add some extra feature design to support custom font and color options.  This will be needed in the future for upgrade packs.
Thursday - More testing and an additional scoring Type added.
Friday - Fill out the submittal form in iTunes Connect, and submit.

Since this is the 25th, I have 5 days of grace to deal with any additional issues I run across.  Given that this week is pretty aggressive, I figure I will eat into that buffer a bit...

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