Friday, October 4, 2013


Well Rebecca and I managed to find some time to agree on a schedule.  This really is more for my benefit than hers, but she indulges me.  Like most coding or design, I try to break up the schedule into chunks and then fill in the details.  This gives me some specific deadlines and allows me the initial illusion of control.  I say illusion because sometimes the goals are too complex for the amount of time you have, other times, you finish early and can tinker with some new ideas.  Experience has given me a pretty good measure of what I can do in a certain amount of time, but I have also been burned too.  The deadline help keep the burns minor.

 So the rough schedule is:
Next Wednesday, 9 Oct, I will have a working 'prototype' of the App working on a device.  Most likely it will be the iPhone version.  This allows me to test it out on the family and get initial feedback.

The following Wednesday, 16 Oct, would be the iPad version prototype.  More family Guinea Pig time.

That leaves the last 2 weeks of the month for product refinement and submitting it.  Also finding a name.  Ugh.

- Side Note - My family is great about discussing and testing the Apps we build.  Shame about the low pay...

- Geek Side Note - I took another look at the UIKit Dynamics functionality added recently.  Very neat stuff, but I think I will continue to prototype with the Sprite Kit front end.    Also am still working on the Core Data backend started up and hopefully running in a unit test.  I really want this simple backend of data to well tested.

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