Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I Learn about Titles (again)

You might have noticed the Blog overview looks a lot better with Titles for each post.  Chalk this up to my Geek nature.  This morning I happened to look over Rebecca's shoulder as she typed on her blog and I noticed the BIG OLD TITLE TEXT BOX AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE.  A shame it did not scream at me 15 days ago...  All this time, I thought She was changing the first line of the blog to Header font, Blue, etc...   No, she was just using her brain and eyes.  Lesson learned.  Ask for help if you see her doing something your blog entries do not.
 No wonder it was always such a pain to get to look right...

Today was the refinement of the back end and some code clean up.  The backend objects were intentionally duplicated in the App until today.  I sometimes need to create a layer between the 'database' backend and the actual functions the user cares about.  Now the App deals directly with the database and makes the code simpler.

Tomorrow is more work on the History screen to allow the user to delete past games.  The only question is will the future user say, "Cool!" or "WTF Are all these games auto-saved?"

- Geek Side Note - 

I flat out refactored my proxy data objects out of the project, replacing them with actual NSManagedObjects the represent.  Save data after each score entry or change, and voila!  Auto-saved feature.   I also managed to get hung up

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