Sunday, October 13, 2013

Rebecca: What did I do before kids?

Ben nicely reminded me that I had not posted for several days.  Not so nicely, I responded when am I supposed to do this?  We had a typical week in the Bruhl house.  Between work and the kids' activities, there is not much down time.  To keep my remaining sanity and to trim a few lbs, I try to exercise a few days/week. I am also a believer that SLEEP is the foundation for good health, mental and physical.  The average human needs 8 hours of sleep, and American are chronically sleep deprived.  Ben says that I have the sleep deprivation problem kicked.  Trust me, I need my "beauty sleep."  My 24 hours are quickly gone.

When I think of how full our lives have become since having children, I cannot help but wonder what did we do with all our time before kids.  Ben and I have always worked hard, and we have careers that are not based on a conventional 40 hour work week.  But we certainly did not work the same number of hours as we spend dedicated to the kiddos.  When I talk to other parents, we all laugh about the time we "wasted" before kids.

Instead of wasting more time regretting time lost,  I am glad that Ben has committed to a new business venture and to this crazy 30 day experiment.  Opportunity and necessity intersected to compel Ben to build his own apps.  As I get older, I have a tendency to regret not doing more in my youth.  Ben is living reminder that NOW is the time for ...whatever you been wanting to do.  "The Sistine Chapel was not built in a day."  I do not need to revolutionize the world or even my community in a day.  I just need to lay the first the next blog, identify some websites with marketing advice, listen to app marketing podcasts, attend iFest, or just listen to Ben's next big idea.

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