Saturday, October 26, 2013

I Little Pinch Will Do Ya

Well that was easy.  I added a total of about 6 lines to the scoring screen and now it is supporting 'pinch' zooming in/out.   Of course, I experimented with a few different approaches before I hit on this solution, but am pleased with the end result.  It didn't take too long, which is good for a Saturday goal.  My other Saturday goal to rake up the leaves in the yard.  This took up a few hours of the day, but gets that off my plate until more leaves fall… Hey!  This chore is going to be around for a few more weeks!

I should note that even after I submit the App, the work on the App is not done.  I try to catch up on my design notes, comment the code better, log future upgrades and bugs in the system, and get everything looking tidy.  This help me to put the App on the 'shelf' while I switch over to working on another App creation or upgrade.  If I do my tidying job right, it will be much easier to pull of the shelf later and get right back to working on it.  I have set aside a few leisurely days for this effort before the month ends.

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