Monday, October 7, 2013

Rebecca: No!

For my job that pays the bills, I have virtual training.  On the positive side, I attend live training virtually without leaving my home office.  Yes, I did wear slippers to the "office."  On the negative side, I am at home for the week.  For the family and the lead developer of Zenerdgy (my husband Ben), virtual training from home means that I have nothing to do.

As I stress about the fact that I am way behind on my reading and prep work for training, I am bombarded by requests about clean jeans, homework, and page design.  Should we do columns?  Should I name the template "simple" or "elimination"?   Where are my jeans with the special whatever?  Did you check my homework?  Hey mom, watch my new trick?  Urrrr!

There is only one of me, and that one is not Superwoman.  I struggle to support all the important endeavors or my wonderful children, my enterprising husband, and my demanding career.  Today, I lost the battle to the arch-enemy Perfection.  I am tired of "doing it all, all the time."  Since I know I can't do it all, all the time, I need to learn to let go and ask for a little help.  I am much better at battling for Perfection than I am at asking for help or saying "NO".  So for the rest of week, NO to any extra volunteer work, NO to working past 5:30, NO to the piles of dirty laundry.  YES to help with homework, YES to completing my training for work, YES to watching the cool new trick, YES to take-out for dinner, and YES to looking at the new design for the app in progress.  

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