Friday, October 18, 2013

I Go Out on a Branch

Now that the App is performing the basic functions correctly, I am moving on to adding on more features and the other necessary screens, like Info/Help/About.  There is also more bugs to work on and additional unit tests to verify the program keeps acting correctly.  Not the glamorous part of the application, but it can be satisfying to see all those green lights of a successful suite of test cases.
Since it was Friday, I also spent some time on research and education.   Talk to any software person, and they will usually be learning about a new technology at the same time they are lamenting how far behind they are on other technology.  Software and computers just continues to evolve.  So must the developers library of tools.  Hence, you have to set time aside for study.

Today, it was watching the the latest World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) 2013 video on source control management.   The ability to freeze any file or set of files in a certain state is very useful.  When working with a team, it is the primary means of sharing and distributing code to others.   It also gives you the confidence to try something new out without jeopardizing the code that works.  Worse case is, you can go back to your previous version of the code.  Best case is, you added the new features and merge them back into your code successfully.

After my study session, I explored the new source control features of XCode 5, and 'branched' the stable version of the code.  I will be working on the branch for the new features and merge them back into the 'trunk' periodically.

-- Geek Side Note --

This entire post is too technical.  
It is funny that if you are a computer savvy person, you usually get asked questions about technology by your family and friends.  Kind of the default tech support person.  It is the same for other career fields, but I really don't know if the cable installer gets hit up at every party for advice.  Then again, maybe he does.  Lord knows, I could use some advice to work the system and bring down by cable bill.  I think the guys down the street works for the cable company.  Hmmm...

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