Monday, October 14, 2013

It works on an iPad!

Yay!  Pre-season NBA is on TV tonight!  It  reminds me of the other reason I need to complete this App by Halloween.  Once the NBA season begins, the evening coding sessions start to dry up.   I am sure it is just a coincidence...

Thanks to some re-use of the iPhone backend components, I was able to get a working version on the iPad.  I even added a custom number keyboard for input of numbers, to reduce the confusion to the user.  My friends have reminded me that it will have to compatible from everyone, from busy people    to your buddies in the the bar.  I hate overriding the standard SDK keyboards, but for now, it is looking and working very well.  

So, with the iPad version working, I am now closer to the original schedule.  I can do some more polishing on the interface and the History screen in the next two days.  I am hoping I can get both versions stable enough for family deployment/testing this week.  

 I am still debating whether I will use Test Flight for testing this time around.  It is handy to have your friends test it out, but not everyone has time to test within a 2 week time limit.   Lucky for me, this App is not that complicated with basically 6 pages.  Even if I had more scoring versions to the App, I should be able to keep the page number pretty low.  You know the saying, Less code, Less Bugs.  or something like that...

- Geek Side Note -

The iPad numeric keyboard is based on some nice work done by Stuart J. Moore on his blog.  It is always nice when other developers share tips and tricks.  It may not be exactly what you are looking for, but a lot can be learned regardless.   Of course, the ability to confidently show off your code should also be credited.  It doesn't hurt when they do good artwork also.  

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