Friday, October 25, 2013

Rebecca: Not much left over

Because of my corporate gig, I had to leave the house before 5:30am for the past two mornings.  Since I need more than 30 minutes to put myself together, I had some early alarms.  I am so glad it is Friday...

BUT Ben has needs.  Ben wants to submit his scoring app by Sunday, and he needs me to review his recent design changes and the app description.  Before he hits the "send" button, he likes me to generally review the app and stamp my "approval".

With my longs days at work, Ben has picked up the slack at home. He is ready to get this app submitted,  and I know he is trying hard not to put extra pressure on me.  Although I am ready for a glass of wine and brainless TV, I will put some time and thought into the app key words, description, and help pages.  While the tank is almost empty, there is enough to get this baby home.

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