Monday, October 21, 2013

Rebecca: Follow-up on commitments

Last week, I committed to answering some basic questions about Family Bank.  BTW, I apologize for the confusion on apps.  Ben is working on a scoring app while I think about the marketing of Family Bank (I really need to get beyond thinking and into the doing).

Regarding Family Bank, the price is really reasonable ($0.99), and the target audience is parents with children over the age of 5ish.  At the core, Family Bank is an app that allows the parent to be the bank.  It tries to teach some basic concepts about financial responsibility.  There are a lot of nuances to this, and I have decided that we need to update the description pages.  When I re-read them, I realized that Ben wrote them from a developer perspective.  For example, "user configuration allows banker..."  This is not a critique of Ben, but my learning that marketing is about "speaking the language of the customer." This is not a given.  I find it difficult to harness the power of words to describe the many uses of Family Bank and to communicate in the concise, compelling language demanded by our super overloaded lives.  I will probably write some future blogs about how I use this app.  Marketing suggestions and ideas are welcome.

In answer to "Does the app fulfill a need?"  Family Bank is the first app that Ben wrote, and he wrote it for me.  Being married to the Lead Developer does have some advantages.  For allowances, I had 3 envelopes for each child.  The envelopes were marked Savings, Fun, and Charity.  When my kids got allowance, they had to put a set amount into Savings and Charity.  The Fun envelope was their money to spend on do-dads.  There were many Saturdays (wee ones' payday) that I was scrambling for dollar bills to meet payroll.  When Ben started the Zenerdgy venture, I, acting as CEO, demanded an app to replace all the allowance envelopes and to free me from the endless quest for dollar bills.  So for me, this app does solve a problem.  How do I translate that into a CONCISE, compelling marketing message?

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