Thursday, October 17, 2013

Rebecca: I am the IT master

When writing my post on Tuesday, I had a few questions about hyperlinking.  While teaching me how to hyperlink, he also advised that I had forgotten to title my post.  I smartly replied that I had typed the title in the title box.  He was completely unaware of the the title box.  What???  I guess he had been highlighting and editing the first part of his blogs for titles.  I had noticed that his titles were just the first line of his blogs.  I assumed he wanted it that way.  No, he never saw the title box.   He admitted he wondered how I figured out on my own how to make such nice title for my post.  I didn't; it is a feature of the program.
 The title box is at the top of the blog page.  It is so obvious to me because I need it.  If it was not there, I would skip titling my post.  Since Ben had a way to hack a title, he did not look for something as convenient as a title box.

I guess my IT ineptness and Ben's IT expertise complement each other.  In app design and development, I provide the "everyday" user perspective.  He gets caught up in the programming and software language, and he forgets the end user just wants to push a button and have magic happen.  At times, I make recommendations that seem easy or basic, but the programming gets way more complicated for very little added functionality.  We have to balance each other out...user friendly apps that have robust programming.  Like all companies, however, we still blame each other for application failures:  IT blames sales, marketing, customer service, etc. for not knowing what they really want or asking a program to do too much.  Sales, marketing, customer service, etc. just want the program to work...right now, never break, and by the way, can you add...

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