Thursday, October 10, 2013

Working Prototype

    Well we have scoring!  The scoring page for tables is now working correctly, except for Scrolling behavior as the table grows.  I also need to try out some side scrolling (paging) to allow players to be viewed without squishing the columns too much.  The page could use a bit more TLC to smooth out the rough elements.  Rebecca managed to rotate the app at some point and the screen did not update itself correctly.  Of course, I couldn't duplicate it for a while.  Those edge conditions can be sharp, so watch yourself.
   I also would like to do some refactoring on the code to allow me to add other scoring screen types that use similar functionality.  Code re-use is your friend.  Unfortunately, I have to move on to the iPad version soon.  Is it already October the 10th?  I mean, I have some of the iPad design finished in my head, but there are sure to be quirks there too.  

-- Mental Side Note -- 

What possessed me to want to attempt this in 30 days?   Deadlines like this are one of the things I thought were in my past.  Figures that it was after a few beers,  it was 'Evening Guy' who came up with the idea.  As usual, 'Morning Guy' has to pick up the pieces later on.   

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