Monday, October 28, 2013

Almost There

I know.  I skipped a day yesterday.  The Boss is upset, deadlines are not being met, dogs and cats are lying down with each other, its bad.  Well, maybe not that bad.  I did get back to the project today and have cleaned up an issue with the zooming of the score pad.  Last night while playing a family game, we noticed that the zoom was not filling the screen in all cases.  That was one of today's fixes.
Another issue requested by my users was for the "+/-" input screen to keep track of the last type of entry.  Since most games are just adding or subtracting scores, it is nice to have the app auto-remember the last type used.  Again, it would have been useful while we played last night.  Fixed today.

I created the app submission with iTunes Connect, with all the required descriptions, App icons, and screen shots.  I also built a prototype support page for the app, which is also needed for submission.  Since I have a whole 2 days left, I am planning on submitting the app tomorrow.  I want to run through both the iPhone and iPad versions one more time and see if there are any other 'gotchas' that I missed.
I prefer 'Morning Guy's' better for performing this testing, as 'Evening Guy' seems tired and possibly unreliable today.

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