Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Rebecca: McDonald's

Since you know I have children, you probably think this blog is about McDonald's great tasting burgers.  This international company has served over 1 billion burgers, and they continue to sell millions and millions of burgers every year.  Kids all over the U.S. may think it is the best food ever, but most of us will agree that McDonald's is the #1 fast food company because of marketing.

As the blog clearly shows, Ben is the technical guru. Less obvious, I handle the marketing.  Because our company is young and lacks a following of 3 years old demanding meals with toys, I need to figure out this marketing puzzle...if we want to realize a profit. I have few clues and no experience about where to start.  What is our product? Who is our target audience? What price will people pay?  Does it solve a need?  "An app, everyone, millions, sure" are the answers I like for the above questions.  If it were that easy, Ben and I would be drinking cocktails in the Caribbean.

Where to start?  At tonight's cheer practice, I commit to working on Zenerdgy marketing, instead of reading a "whodunit" novel (my favorite down-time activity).  I am going to answer product, audience, and need for Family Bank, an app available in the Apple store.  I am also going to find a babysitter so that both Ben and I may attend iFest.  Ben will attend to "geek out", and I will see how other people are presenting their companies and products.  I let you know if I am able to resist the "whodunit."

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