Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Rebecca: New Year Resolutions

Last night, I was all nice and cozy, under the covers, in the bed.  I had the reading lamp positioned just perfectly.  I only have 50 more pages in my mystery novel…the killer is about to be revealed.

Ben clomps into the room and announces that he will submit the scoring app this week.  I try to look interested, and I murmur, "That's great honey.  I am so proud of you."  Back to reading.  Ben is not finished.  He tells me about the few remaining tweaks and the testing plan.  Again, "Great honey.  Sounds like you beat the 30 day challenge."  Back to reading.  Ben is not finished.  He starts, "I think…"

He completes this sentence with "…you should make a New Year Resolution."  WHOA!  What???!!!  People are horrible at keeping the resolutions that they make for themselves.  Most have given up the grand commitment by January 2nd.  I cannot even imagine the success rate of a resolution created by someone else, even if it is your life partner.

Ben does not miss a beat for declaring my 2014 resolution.  He states that I should resolve to spend more time on the marketing of Zenerdgy.  He has fulfilled his commitments on designing, programming, and submitting the apps.  The apps will not make money if I do not get busy on the marketing.

I am not sure what I said out loud, but in my head: "Get in line, bud.  Everybody wants their pound of flesh - my JOB; my children; our family; you, as my husband; and now you, as my co-worker.  GRRRR."

After some time to think (and calm down), Ben, my business partner, is right.  I do need to fulfill my marketing commitments to Zenerdgy.  We have a business plan with tasks, person responsible, and due date.  Ben has been great about staying on track and following the plan.  It has been fun and amazing to watch Ben build an app in 30 days.  On the my side, there are a lot of missing checks.  To give Zenerdgy any chance for success, I will need to increase my efforts.  In my very full schedule, I just don't know how or when.

Ben, my husband, just needs to let me finish my mystery!

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