Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I Clomp?

For the record, I do clomp into a room.   Its not intentional, but from listening to my kids, it must be genetic.  They get it from me.
Oct 29 and I have submitted the App.  I am pretty excited about it, but as usual, wish I could have done a better job.  Better job?  Ask any developer and they will probably tell you about how they could have just added this or that, or if they had just a bit more time...  At these times, its best to just nod your head and say, "Thats nice."  Developers and their additional features/fixes are a Mobius Strip of intentions, but can drive you mad if you follow them all.
I am feeling pretty confident that this App will get accepted, but you never know for sure.  I usually introduce something new with each project.  It is one of the ways I learn and grow as a developer in that platform.

-- Geek Side Note -- 

I have to qualify 'platform'.  Each language or environment you develop in has its own advantages, quirks, and limitations.  Developers learn to adapt to these platforms over time.  Some developers may adapt faster than others and some may remember all the layers of the platform better than others.  I am neither of these groups, but I do enjoy learning and progressing in a platform.  Code is fun.

Tomorrow is a going to be a clean up day.  Get the project ready to sit on the shelf for a month or so.  (I hope.)  Prepare for Halloween and plan the next phase of Zenerdgy.

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