Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Check out the size of my Font!

    I put together the new About/Info and Settings pages today for both device types.  Although I was leaning towards a paging type navigation, I ended up 'punting' and using Ye Old Table navigation.  It's expandable, easier to create in storyboards, and handles both Portrait and Landscape orientations.   I am a wimp, but this wimp is short on time.
    So far, the entire app handles either orientation very well.   The new Settings page allows the user to select font size or color scheme.  I have the font sizes working, but need to test it out more thoroughly to make sure the drawings are all still readable.  I will do most of this testing tonight and tomorrow.
Also on the schedule for tomorrow is new color schemes.  I need to cobble together at least 4 good readable color schemes with background images, build icons for selecting them, and implement the new functionality.   Should be fun.
    I also started the keyword listing and App description for later submittal.  Kind of light so far, but I will run it by the Sales Dept. for extra content.  I also need to submit the new Help and Info wording for review.  Hopefully, Rebecca has time for the review.  Otherwise, well... lets just say I can be a little to geeky in my descriptions.

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