Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Rebecca: Away in CA

While Ben is busy starting the GSA app and taking care of the kids in rainy Seattle, I am in sunny San Diego. It is beautiful.

When Ben asked me about this project, I said sure no problem.  My daughter's cheer coach asked if I could be the Cheer Team Mom.  I said I would love to help. Of course, my company scheduled a week long meeting for the 1st week of October. My dear friend is having a baby, and I wanted to host a baby shower.  It was originally scheduled for September. My work interfered, and it is now scheduled for Friday...when I get home from my CA business trip.  My cup overflows.

When starting something new or different or out of the comfort zone, there is always a million reasons to delay. Like most people, I have a lengthy to do list, and I am always adding to it.  Sometimes, you just have to jump in and know that everything will work out.  Everything that needs to be done will get finished.  Blog for Zenerdgy, check.  Finish Cheer basket for auction fundraiser, check.  Complete reports for meeting, check.  Order baby decorations and gift, check.  Now...what about that Zenerdgy marketing plan????

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