Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Setting Pretty

    Well, it was a good day.  I hit all my daily goals early.  Now the score text (font) colors are customizable from the Settings screen.  Along with the different font sizes, it adds a bit of polish to the App.  The fact that I got some more practice using the Collection View again is just a plus.   I also added 4 more 'scoring types'.  These are working well, but I think I could do some small re-design to make them more modular.
    What else?  Oh yeah, I submitted the keywords, App description, Help and Information/About Screen documents to the Marketing Dept.   I realize that I am lucky to have that option.  Rebecca is very good at polishing up my ramblings into a coherent description of the product.  I only hope there is enough time for her to give it a good look before the weekend.  
  So I still feel very much on schedule.  I will be doing mostly bug fixes tomorrow, along with an automated save of the last users Font size/color and current score screen.  In fact, I need to 'freeze dry' the app in any situation, so that the user returns to the exact place they were when the App exited.   Thanks to the latest update to Xcode 5 this is much easier to do, buy still requires some study time and experimenting.   (Somewhere in my brain a little voice is saying, "Soon time will be all gone…")
    I think the weekend will be spent bugging the family with the 'finished' version and getting feedback.  Some of the info will be used to fix last minute bugs or quirks, others will be stuffed into my issues database for a later version or update.

-- Side Geekier Note --

    I track all my projects using You Track, it works on any system with Java, can run local or remote, and has pretty good screens for managing not only bugs, but the project itself in a Scrum/Agile format.   The application available from Jet Brain, which makes one of the best Java IDEs available, IntelliJ IDEA.  I know a lot of developers are pretty religious about the IDE, or plain editor, that they use.  I am too.  In my Java days, I evolved through quite a few development environments from "vi" to IntelliJ.  It was hands down my favorite for the last few years.  Before that, it was Eclipse for a long time.  
    I can't lie, the best part of being a developer is all the shiny digital toys we get to play with in our careers.   Sometimes, we even build our own toys too.  There is a dark side to all this also.  We normally crave the latest toys and will struggle to use the 'old stuff' when that is the proper tool for a certain client.  Sometimes you can get around this by buying your own modern toys and making it work anyway, sometimes not.  With that in mind, it is nice that Apple updates Xcode every year.  It is a shame how hard it is to get into WWDC anymore, but there developer videos are excellent, if you have the time.  

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